Social Selling 2019 Speakers

For Social Selling 2019 – our second conference, we listened to your feedback to figure out what you want to learn more this year. More about leadership, brand and personal branding. More about content marketing. And more about helping you achieve the most out of social media. The most compelling topics, from leaders in their own field. This year Social Selling 2019 will rock!

Jacinta Quah

Founder & CEO, JQ Coaching and Consulting

A veteran of the technology industry, Jacinta spent over 20 years building and managing geographically diverse teams inside some of the world’s biggest and most successful tech companies. She has held strategic and leadership roles across Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Service Delivery witnessed first-hand how the team performance and individual excellence drive tangible business results.

During her tenure at Microsoft & Dell, Jacinta traveled extensively
from developed to emerging markets, lived in Shanghai, Toronto,
Penang and Singapore. She is known as a creative, versatile and
resilient leader who delivers results consistently. To Jacinta, she is
deeply grateful for these experiences that shape her worldview,
provide her with the cultural dexterity to connect authentically with a
rich spectrum of people, to make a positive impact.

Jacinta specializes in coaching high performing leaders and teams to
maximize excellence, results, potential and well-being. She blends her
rich corporate experience with holistic wellness in an approach that is
simple, effective and practical.

Jacinta is a Certified Solutions-Focused Coach, International Coach
Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Change
Management Practitioner and Certified Nutritionist Consultant (CNC).
She is also a Certified Executive Coach and Certified TEAM Coach at
Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.

The Crucial Role of Leadership in Social Selling

  • How digitization is redefining sales
  • What the best leaders know about social that the others are missing out
  • 4 step formula to build your organizational social selling capability
  • Key leadership skills to harness the power of social while managing risks

Neal Moore

Content Strategy & Storytelling Solutions, Moore’s Lore Media

Neal is a content strategist and storyteller with 20 years experience in TV, publishing, advertising and film across the UK, USA and Asia, where he is currently based. Trained originally as an actor then as a journalist Neal co-founded Click2View, Singapore’s first dedicated content marketing agency in 2010.

In 2017 he sold his stake in the agency and spent a year writing, developing and producing two short films, a sitcom and a podcast series, before taking a role as Head of Content & Business Development with Southeast Asia’s largest independent production company.

In January 2019 Neal launched Moore’s Lore Media – Content Strategy & Storytelling Solutions to help people and organisations define their narrative and share it with the world online, on screen and on stage at

Content Marketing 101: What is it, why should you do it & how?

This session is for marketing and communications teams that are exploring or about to embark upon a content marketing strategy or initiative. It is designed to give participants a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of content marketing based on real-life examples and best practice in Singapore and around the world. Why? Because in the on-going war for audience attention and retention the brand with the most compelling content wins. Highlights include:

  • A definitive definition of content marketing
  • The six content commandments
  • B2C best practice examples
  • B2B best practice examples
  • The good, the bad and the ugly reasons to do content marketing
  • How to get started
  • A brief story about storytelling

Karen Leong

Director, Influence Solutions

Karen Leong is an expert on influence. A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and TEDx speaker, she was featured as one of the ten influential professional speakers in Singapore by Singapore Business Review. The author of the best-seller “Win People Over” (English and Mandarin editions), and the founder of the Influencing styles profiling tool utilized by corporations across the Asia Pacific, Karen is dedicated to helping people and organizations expand their sphere of influence.

Karen is the co-founder of the globally online leadership conference – Rise Through The Ranks, featuring 40 global gurus, CEOs and billionaire entrepreneurs, which has empowered thousands from over 70 countries. Karen was honored with the Women Icons Award 2017 by the Business Excellence and Research group. She has been profiled on Channel U’s CEO series and in the media as one of the “10 Fearless Singaporean entrepreneurs who made it happen”. Acknowledged in the media as an influence thought-leader, she has been featured on global and regional media such as BBC Worldwide, Reuters, Frankfurt Allgemeine, Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, Channel U, Mediacorp Radio 938LIVE, BFN 89.9 and leading magazines.

Karen is the co-founder of Influence Solutions, a leading learning, and development organization, headquartered in Singapore with offices in India and USA, that helps organizations to be F.I.R.S.T. – Future Ready, Innovative, Relevant, Strategic and Trusted. Karen’s vision is a world of influencers who are inspired to take action in making a positive difference.

The Psychology of Influence for Social Selling Success

The rules for selling have evolved. This seminar demystifies the two pillars of influence that enable you to be in the maximum zone of trust. Learn how you can accelerate the process of influence in a crowded world where attention spans are getting smaller and expectations higher.

Based on Karen Leong’s best-seller – Win People Over – 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone, and Influencing Styles Profiling tool, both which has empowered thousands globally, you will walk away with a clear roadmap to expand your sphere of influence and power up your results.

  • Understand the two pillars of influence
  • Obtain the keys to build rapport and develop deeper connection rapidly
  • Expand your sphere of influence by boosting your versatility
  • Master the framework intuitive influencers use to win people over

Graham Hawkins

Founder & CEO, SalesTribe

Graham Hawkins is a futurist, author and international key-note speaker specialising in the rapidly shifting world of B2B sales & marketing.

Graham is the Founder & CEO of SalesTribe, and he is regularly voted in the world’s Top 50 Sales Thought Leaders. With almost 3 decades of executive leadership, Graham is a highly experienced and dynamic speaker who now sheds light on why businesses must rapidly adapt or perish.

Graham has spent the past 5 years researching and writing two books on the dramatic changes now impacting the business world. When buyers change how they buy, sellers must also change how they sell and Graham’s acute understanding of these driving forces of change make him a highly sought-after keynote speaker. Having been invited to speak at the Social Selling Forum in Paris and the Future of Sales Summit in London, Graham’s research and dynamic style will ensure that your event is memorable, insightful and educational.

Graham has an MBA (Exec) (Distinction) from RMIT and is a member of Golden Key International Honour Society for high-performing business students. Graham is also a part-time lecturer and student mentor in the RMIT Executive MBA Program.

Social Media to Drive Inbound

The world is shifting from Vendor-Push to CUSTOMER-PULL. Sales & marketing must now learn how to attact customers rather than chase customers. This talk will focus on ‘HOW’ to create a buyer-aligned sales process that will give your customers the buyer experience that THEY WANT.

Dahlia Sutrisno

Founder & CEO, Euphoric Coaching

I am the CEO of Euphoric Coaching. I am Gallup trained, Strengths coach and trainer. I coach leaders globally. I started coaching since I was 17 years old when I started my education business helping children from low to middle-income households that lasted for 10 years.

I was LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions enterprise manager for Indonesia. I have consulted companies in Indonesia on digital recruitment and employer branding. I delivered talks at HR events in Jakarta and Bali, University of Indonesia and Bali’s hospitality institution. 

I was Gallup APAC lead consultant specializing in Employee Engagement, Customer Engagement, Change Management, and Strengths-Based Development – applying Behavioral Economics, mainly in the Financial industry.

I graduated with an Honors degree in Mathematics and Economics from SIM University. I am a martial artist in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I also do Latin and Belly Dancing.

Me, Myself and the Ugly Truth

It takes only 5 seconds to figure you out from your profile on social media. Authenticity of your personal brand wins you instant trust and engagement. People buy from people. So, you want to tell your clients, “What you see is what you get”. Tell the ugly truth, they love it! Tell stories of real pain
or challenge, success, and celebrations. I will be sharing about:

  • Focusing on your strengths and uniqueness in projecting your personal brand
  • Who you can consult to help identify and create your personal brand.
  • Being authentic in presenting who you are, why you do what you do, who can or have benefited from what you do.
  • Sharing real stories – sharing real pain points/challenges of your clients, how you help them achieve and celebrate success.
  • My real stories of how I connect with people who became my mentors globally, business collaborations and clients. I will share a story of how I was approached to coach an Arab Saudi male who is a COO and a few others.

Cindy Tien

Senior Consultant & Corporate Trainer, Imageworks Pte Ltd

Cindy Tien is a passionate speaker, trainer, and coach in personal branding, emotional quotient, and social intelligence. She has worked with global MNCs and corporate clients from diverse industries, including banking and financial institutions, property developers, luxury and retail, government-linked corporations and universities.

Cindy believes that every individual has the potential to be an authentic personal brand, and she takes pride in helping individuals elevate their ability to connect and influence people through their appearance, behavior and communication skills.

With more than a decade of global sales experience in the advertising, financial and travel industries under her belt, Cindy is able to interact well with people across all levels, understand corporate needs, and deliver effective solutions to meet client requirements. Prior to her corporate career, Cindy traveled the world with Singapore Airlines as a flight attendant for 6 years, during which she acquired an appreciation for high standards in service excellence and managing perceptions through visual communication.

Cindy’s motivation comes from her immense interest and study in human behavior. Her client-facing roles over the past 20 years have led her to believe that a well-lived life is one that is filled with true confidence in self and focused on developing personal connections with others, to attain success and happiness. A lifelong learner, Cindy is certified in Image Management, Behavioural Consulting, and Emotional Intelligence. She is sought after as an authentic, fun and edgy influencer who brings results to the table. Cindy is a professional member of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS), Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and Primetime’s Keynote Asia’s Women Speakers.

Creating a cutting-edge visual brand

  • Earn respect through an Effective visual brand presence
  • Create an Efficient personal style direction that reflects authenticity
  • Discover the art and science to an Enhanced visual image

Andrew Bryant

Motivational Speaker and Executive Coach, Self Leadership International

I am known as high energy and inspiring Leadership & Motivational Speaker, & Executive Coach who shares practical strategies for Self Leadership, personal or organizational transformation. Having engaged audiences as large as 12,000, launched products, and transformed mindsets, I am confident I will add value to your next conference or event as a 'best-in-class' leadership coach and motivational speaker.

I am a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), which endorses that have been benchmarked by the speaking industry and my clients as being of the highest caliber in terms of professionalism and speaking skills. There are less than 700 CSP’s worldwide and only 6 living and working in Asia and the Middle East.

Self-leadership for Social Success

Being a baby-boomer, I remember when you could just prepare, present and pray for a positive result. In today’s social and digital world, customers and clients want more! They want to know who you are and what you stand for. To do that effectively, you need to be able to answer that for yourself, to find your authenticity, to practice Self-leadership!

In this highly engaging speech, Speaker, Author, Coach, and Global Expert on Self-leadership, Andrew Bryant will share:

  • How great power comes from great responsibility
  • How to align your intentions, value, and actions
  • How to be an influencer

Deborah Tan-Pink

Global Head of Content,

Before plunging into the big bad world of tech, Deborah Tan-Pink spent more than a decade in lifestyle publishing. She led the launch of Cosmopolitan in Singapore after the MDA lifted a 22-year ban on the women's magazine in 2011, and spent 2 years as its Editor-in-Chief. In 2013, she left the comfortable confines of publishing to build her own content agency and built a portfolio of work with brands like Kiehl's, Shiseido, Volkswagen, and Oishii.

Deborah now leads the global content business at, a learning experience platform co-founded by Frank Meehan, Brent Hoberman, and Henry Lane-Fox. Marrying SmartUp’s mobile-first, gamified platform and her conversational, personable style of writing, she is changing the way corporates engage and train their employees.

An Epiphany A Minute: How To Sell Your Brand Using Just About Any Experience Life Throws At You!

Every one of us is a voyeur at heart and that is why we love stories! Stories about puppies getting rescued, about someone’s life-changing travels, about successful corporates leaving behind their huge paycheques to start up as entrepreneurs … stories sell but guess what?

A great number of us struggle to build stories about ourselves! If you want to unleash the storyteller of your life, this workshop is for you. Learn how to train your brain to spin any experience into an epiphany that you can use to sell your brand, find out how you can open up to the world of social media without oversharing your personal life, and get tips on how to make that connection between life and brand look natural and genuine.

John Dykes

Broadcaster, Commentator and Event Host, The Walt Disney Company

John Dykes is a broadcaster, commentator and event host. He writes and presents his self-titled chat show on Fox Sports, was formerly lead anchor on the Premier League's global content service, before that he hosted a range of sports for pan-Asian broadcaster ESPN STAR Sports. John began his career as a journalist and TV presenter in Hong Kong, covering sports, showbiz and lifestyle for the South China Morning Post and TVB.

Broadcaster John Dykes will take you through his career journey, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arsene Wenger and the Asian public playing starring roles at various stages. John will endeavour to deliver life lessons and observations on winning habits as well as spinning anecdotes galore after a career spent rubbing shoulders with the sporting world’s biggest stars and Hollywood’s biggest egos.

John Dykes' Personal Branding Journey Through Analogue, Digital and Social

Broadcaster John Dykes will take you through his career journey, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arsene Wenger and the Asian public playing starring roles at various stages. John will endeavour to deliver life lessons and observations on winning habits as well as spinning anecdotes galore after a career spent rubbing shoulders with the sporting world’s biggest stars and Hollywood’s biggest egos.

Yasmine Khater

Founding Partner & Strategy Lead, Sales Story Method

Yasmine is the Founder of Sales Story Method and the podcast host of Your Vision Story. She uses psychology and communications background to help organizations adopt social selling in order to attract more customers, inspire employees and grow your business.

Yasmine began her career with AIESEC in the Middle East where she opened 4 offices before she was recruited to lay the framework for a Fortune 500 company buyout of GE Plastics.

For the past decade, she has been helping companies helped companies scale using airtight systems, relationship-based marketing, and sales funnels through leveraging video.

Yasmine has received the Fearless Fabulous Female and 40under40 AIESEC award and been featured on Inc, Under30Ceo, Channel News Asia and Huffington Post.

How to accelerate trust, gain die hard fans all through smartphone?

By 2021…. Every second, a million minutes of video will be created. In this session, Yasmine will share:

  • The latest video trends online and the best case practices
  • 4 x 4 Storytelling Strategy to help you translate your company vision and goals into an actionable video strategy
  • How to optimize your video strategy and maximize your ROI

Paul Watts

Sales Performance Coach, Base Over Apex Inc

Paul is a sales performance coach, on a mission to change the negative perception of sales people, with a vision of making selling a profession to be proud of. His goal is to help salespeople to live life of their terms and to find a healthy work-life balance by being more effective at work.

He is also the host of the popular Sales Reinvented podcast and an advisory board member and panelist on the Sales Experts Channel.

He brings over 20 years of sales experience and success in business to business sales, sales management, sales training and coaching. Over the course of his career, Paul has worked extensively with Senior Executives and CEOs within a wide range of companies in a variety of industries both in Europe and North America.

Paul brings a passion for finding business in new and innovative ways. He is a strong advocate for ‘Social Selling’, he trains sales professionals how to use social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as part of their disciplined sales process.

Paul’s main areas of expertise are consultative selling, social selling, business development, sales technology, sales leadership, and people development. he believes that salespeople can be more effective in their roles and should be able to live their lives on their terms. Happy healthy salespeople produce the
best results.

Paul proudly holds two national sales designations with the Canadian Professional Sales Association and two international professional sales designations with the Sales & Marketing Executives International Association.

The Key Ingredients of a Successful Social Selling Program

Many companies recognise the opportunities that social media has to offer and yet many fail to fully harness this power. This talk covers the key ingredients to create a long-term, sustainable, successful social selling program, with many excellent examples along the way.

Melissa Murray Bailey

Senior Director, Sales Solutions, Asia Pacific Linkedin

Melissa Murray Bailey leads LinkedIn Sales Solutions in Asia Pacific. Her team spans the region and advocates social selling amongst sales and marketing leaders. As a senior business leader, Melissa brings with her a terrific 15-year track record of success across APAC and the Americas. She joins LinkedIn from Universum, where she was most recently President for Americas.

Prior to this, Melissa led CEB’s entry into APAC in 2007 and was promoted to Managing Director for Asia in 2010. In this role, Melissa steered the growth and development of CEB’s Asia Leadership Councils, the leading member-based advisory programs for employer branding, engagement, and leadership development data and best practice research in Southeast Asia, China and India.

Melissa is a passionate team leader and trusted advisor to CXOs of many Fortune 500 companies.

Using Technology to Build Relationships

Hear LinkedIn’s Melissa Murray Bailey explain how technology can supercharge your interactions at the four stages of relationship building;

  1. Building a reputation
  2. Introductions
  3. Creating a rapport and
  4. Sealing a deal. Embrace these tactics and you’ll make your role as a sales professional essential to the buying process.


Glenn Van Zutphen

Founder, VanMedia Group Pte Ltd

I am passionate about coaching the great communicator out of you - whether you are an innovative industry thought leader, or if you want to be effective in staff and client meetings.

I have coached over 500 high-level leaders from major multinational corporations who gained the tools & techniques to confidently and easily give memorable interviews and presentations.

As a professional journalist for 29 years, I’ve conducted over 2700 interviews and seen spokespeople at their best and worst. Now I equip the C-Suite with communication tools for success, no matter the medium or occasion.

The Future of Communication in a Digital World

The way we communicate in the 21st century will be defined not only by the messages we need to deliver but by the technology we will use to transmit them. It’s a hugely exciting time to be a communicator, but it’s not without possible pitfalls. Learn about what will make your communication effective in the years ahead.

Natalie Turner

Founder & CEO, The Entheo Network

A TEDx speaker, Natalie Turner is an experienced innovation and leadership development specialist. Voted by CMO Asia and the World Federation of Marketing and Sustainability as one of the top 50 female leaders in Asia, Natalie has worked for and consulted with some of the world’s leading organisations, including The Development Bank of Singapore (DBS), LEO Pharma Asia, Kellogg’s, Singapore Airlines and Cisco Systems. Natalie’s ability to speak about leadership, change, and innovation has helped these organizations embrace innovation systems, culture and capabilities.

Natalie is the Founder of the Entheo Network, an innovation consultancy and the inventor of The Six ‘I’s of Innovation®, an integrated methodology and assessment tool that helps individuals and organizations measure their innovation strengths. She is the author of “Yes, You Can innovate!”.

Natalie has three degrees; a BA Hons in Politics & Legislative studies, an MSc in Economics and Social Psychology and an MBA. From London, Natalie now lives in Singapore and works across Asia and internationally.

Yes, You Can Innovate!

All organizations want to become more innovative – not surprising as those that succeed are twice as profitable as those who don’t. What sets successful innovators apart is their ability to embed innovation deeply into the culture of their organization and their ways of working and thinking. This is no coincidence nor is it magic.

In this Key Note you will take away:

  • Six key strategies for harnessing the skills of innovation
  • A clear step-by-step guide to enable you to bring ideas to life – Enthusiasm for how to innovate, both in a day to day work as well as on innovation activities
  • Inspiration about your innovation strengths through self-reflection on the six mindsets of an innovator

Mette Johansson

Founder and Owner, MetaMind Training

Mette Johansson is an author, professional speaker and the owner of MetaMind Training. She worked in leadership roles for multinational corporations for 15 years before she founded MetaMind Training, a training consultancy which provides learning programmes in leadership, people and communication skills.

Mette speaks internationally on how to become a true leader: the leader who we follow not because of their position, wealth or title – but because we are inspired to follow them.

For over 20 years, Mette has studied leadership, motivation and engagement. Her bestselling book “How to Make Yourself Promotable: 7 skills to help you climb the career ladder” describes some of these skills, and more.

Mette is a recipient of Insight Magazine’s “50 Most Promising Women in Business” award and is the initiator of and current Chair for KeyNote – Asia’s Women Speakers, Asia’s leading directory of female speakers.

Having lived, studied and worked in 11 countries, Mette is a global citizen who speaks fluently in four languages and now calls Singapore home.

Authenticity in Social Media: Go to Greater Heights by Going Deeper

Authenticity is a common buzzword that is on the lips of every executive coach. Leaders, politicians, and individuals are all advised to ‘act’ more authentically.

But what exactly is ‘true’ authenticity? How do we know if we’re being authentic? It goes much deeper than the top tips you get when you Google “how to be authentic”: tell the truth; show a picture of your family; or speak as if you’re speaking to one person…

In this insightful session, Mette Johansson will drill down to the deep core of what it means to be authentic in social media as well as in real life: creating a niche that’s truly you.

Stu Lloyd

Top Dog and Chief Storyteller, CATMATDOG

On my first school report from Waterfalls Kindergarten in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Mrs Greenwood wrote in neat blue pen: “Stuart loves Stories!”

I’ve made a living from storytelling for over 30 years … as a creative director in the advertising business (before selling my agency to DraftFCB), as an author (100,000+ books sold), as a journalist and travel writer and blogger, as a specialist military history tour guide in Southeast Asia, and as a storytelling coach and trainer for Fortune 500s and progressive individuals.

As Topdog at CATMATDOG, I use my background in psychology, and passion for the science of persuasion, to design and deliver strategic storytelling, digital content creation and communication skills workshops for companies such as Intel, Adobe, Pfizer, Citibank, Hootsuite, and Accor.

When not rocking a roomful of people somewhere around Asia/Pacific, I love getting lost in the mountains of Indochina on my motorbike. Or being at home with my 2 labradors and 3 cats. And burying my nose in real books made of paper.

How prescient Mrs Greenwood was, because The Telegraph, UK, once called me “The Perfect Storyteller” … which just goes to prove you can’t believe everything you read in the media.

Open Heart Surgery: How to have an Engaging Social Conversation with your Audience

Stu shares tips, tools, and techniques to engage with your audience. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, it’s all H2H to Stu – Human to Human, or — even better — Heart to Heart. Why I Do What I Do? Stu lays himself bare and encourages you to get naked too.

Words that Work: creative writing tips to help you create more engaging conversational content. With open rates of up to 68% on his own weekly newsletter, he’s obviously doing something right.


  • Finding your Human VOICE.
  • The Conversation Calendar. How to structure it.
  • When to give, when to take. Examples from cool brands and marketers doing it right

Miguel Bernas

Digital Media and Marketing Consultant, Timber Wolf Media

Miguel Bernas is CMO-At-Large at Black Marketing and lead consultant at Timber Wolf Media. He is a seasoned marketer, business transformation leader and change manager who has led Marketing teams in Asia Pacific for major global brands, including PayPal, Nokia, MTV, CNBC, Yahoo, Mediacorp and Singtel. Miguel is also a speaker, trainer and startup mentor.

How Content Marketing Drives Demand Generation

In today’s media environment, Brands can no longer rely on iterruption or intrusion alone. Brands must create entertaining, high value content from all across the marketing funnel to attract, engage and win over audiences, ultimately converting into tomorrow’s customers.

Chris Richards

Head of Asia Operations, Ultimate performance

Having started with Ultimate Performance in 2012 when the business was based solely in London, Chris is now Head of Asia Operations and UP has 13 gyms worldwide and is the leading private personal training company in the world for achieving life-changing results. With the largest private PT gym in the world here in Singapore, Chris leads his diverse team with a passion for fitness, helping others get results and sharing these successes.

Mental Fitness and Social Impact

  • Exploring benefits of social sharing on information availability (although a minefield of info out there – debunk some health myths)
  • Ability to be coached remotely (Online PT) has been made more possible through social.
  • Some mental health ‘hacks’ – having a morning and bedtime routine (including switching off some devices [social] an hour before bed etc. Highlighting some social media exaggerations in fitness and what attainable goals/results can look like.
  • Nutrition info related to supporting mental health – explore some info on eating Keto, Intermittent Fasting (time restricted eating) and how to perform optimally.
  • How LinkedIn has worked for me – underused in the fitness industry from what I’ve witnessed and a fantastic way to engage with current and potential new clients

Chris J Reed

The Only CEO With a Mohawk, Black Marketing

Chris J Reed is “The Only CEO With A Mohawk”, 3x International Best Selling Author, most recommended and awarded LinkedIn marketing entrepreneur and keynote speaker with 900 LinkedIn recommendations and 7 brands. Our flagship brand, Black Marketing, has just won Asia's Best Brand 2018 and APAC B2B Marketing Agency of the Year 2018.

Our 7th brand, Rock Star Keynote Speakers – Finding You a Keynote Speaker to Rock Your Audience, has just launched and is all about promoting female rock star keynote speakers and up and coming speakers of all sexes. Get in touch if you want us to work for you or are looking for a rock star female speaker or you want a fresh keynote speaker.

Chris’s 3 books “Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, “LinkedIn Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, “Social Selling Mastery For Entrepreneurs” are each No.1 international bestselling books on Amazon.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur having also created The Dark Art of Marketing – Personal Branding For Entrepreneurs, Mohawk Marketing – TripAdvisor Engagement For You, Spark, Chris J Reed Mastery – Masterclasses that engage, delight, educate and entertain and Social Selling – our conference brand.

Chris has been named an Official LinkedIn Power Profile 2012-2018, have one of the world’s most viewed LinkedIn profiles with 55,000 followers and have won “Social Media Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Asia’s Most Influential Digital Media Professional” and have been nominated for “Social Media Influencer of the Year”.

Black Marketing also won Social Media Marketing Agency of the Year and Employer Branding Agency of the Year.

Chairperson for the day

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Our Social Selling 2018 Highly Recommended Event!

Marylen Velasco - Corporate Training Provider

Chris & his team are really amazing. Social Selling 2018 was a huge success with very good speakers lined up throughout the day. The event is so organized and the whole team is helpful. The program is relevant and we are so happy to learn techniques and information that are new to us and will definitely be useful in building our brand and social selling journey. Thank you & congratulations! Looking forward to the next event 😊

Manisha Upadhyay - Sales Professional

Social Selling 2018 was a great event! Amazing lineup of speakers , insightful presentations and lots of learning on the effective use of social selling skills for personal and/or corporate branding! Thoroughly enjoyed my time! Chris was full of energy, motivating and great marketing professional! So much to learn from and I wish him great success!

Liping Mian - Communication Manager

I met Chris at the Social Selling 2018 event in Singapore, which was organised by him and his staff at Black Marketing. I found him very energetic, always happy to help and give advice. I benefited from that event as well by connecting more people who are good at social selling, and by exploring topics that I do not know well yet. After this event, I read through Chris’s book, Social Selling Mastery for Entrepreneurs, and found it useful. So I wrote a summary of it, which I published on LinkedIn as he recommended and advised in his book.

Jonathan Rathbone - Consultant Business Development

Chris’s Social Selling 2018 event at Microsoft was fascinating learning. I especially liked the focus on how social selling could be used for FMCG brands from a B2B perspective if targeting high net worth individuals a B2C basis. I highly recommend attending Chris’s Social Selling 2018 events, creat case studies and workshops from professional. The new books full of pointers for personal and business branding on LinkedIn, and networking was great too.

Deepak Sanadhya - Asia sales

Hi. I really enjoyed the talks at Social Selling 2018. Chris was very inspiring in his talk on using LinkedIn and personal branding and there were lots to learn. He provided many relevant examples to showcase his points about how to use LinkedIn. There were also so many speakers sincerely sharing their stories and journeys. Very insightful!”

Tim Errington - Doctor of Chiropractic

“Anyone building a brand or basically trying to ‘get on’ in thisworld should make sure they attend this Social Sellingconference. It was well planned, fast moving and delivered firstclass content. I personally made invaluable contacts and have somany great strategies to implement. Well done Chris”

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Check out the Social Selling 2019 Conference agenda, venue and all other details here!

Our Social Selling 2018 was a hit! Read all recommendations for our past event on the Social Selling 2018 page here!

Check out the Social Selling 2019 Conference agenda, venue and all other details here!

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If you have any questions about our services and solutions, our experience or pricing packages, please do not hesitate to contact us directly through our LinkedIn page, by phone, or email. Feel free to drop by our office for a cup of hot drink and a chat!

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