Social Selling 2018

September 14th, 2018, Singapore

Everything that you ever wanted to know about Social Selling. The Social Selling 2018 summit took place at Singapore, Microsoft HQ on September 14th.

The summit provided a unique and practical coverage of every aspect of Social Selling, both for B2B and B2C suited for, start-up, SME, and MNC. Acclaimed speakers from LinkedIn, Microsoft, NTUC, Singapore Life, SG Innovate, Hilton and renowned business celebrities took us through every aspect of Social Selling.

Social Selling 2018 In Numbers

  • Over 400 customers, event sold out
  • 20 Keynotes and Workshops
  • 1 packed Social Selling Conference day
  • 1 Venue – Microsoft Singapore HQ
  • Millions of viewers and exposure on social media
  • 1 platform of choice – LinkedIn


Keynotes & Workshops


Platform of Choice - LinkedIn

Social Selling 2018 Speakers 

For our Social Selling 2018 conference, we have assembled a world-class line of speakers with vast experience in Social Selling and compelling topics. Please check our line up of speakers and their stories.
Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee

Head of Sales, Sales Solutions APAC, LinkedIn

Keynote: The Evolution of Sales Navigator

David Tang

David Tang

Enterprise Channel Director – Education and Healthcare Sector, Microsoft

Keynote: Social Selling Success Singapore Style – a B2B Formula

Matthieu Vermeulen

Matthieu Vermeulen

Dining Program Director, Hilton

Workshop: Driving Loyalty through Social Selling

Vivek Kumar

Vivek Kumar

Assistant Director-General, NTUC

Keynote: Growing a Community Around Your Brand Through Social Selling

Walter de Oude

Walter de Oude

CEO, Singapore Life

Keynote: Social Selling in Financial Services

SzeKi Sim

SzeKi Sim

Head of Brand, SGInnovate

Keynote: Social Selling – a goldmine for startups

Sulbi Lee

Sulbi Lee

General Manager, MSocial Singapore

Workshop: How Digital Media is Transforming the Hospitality Space

Mark Laudi

Mark Laudi

CEO, Media Mentor, Hong Bao Media

Workshop: How to Produce Native Videos for Your LinkedIn Company Page

Miguel Bernas

Miguel Bernas

Independent Digital Media & Marketing Consultant, Timber Wolf Media

Workshop: How Brands can use Storytelling to Build a Loyal Audience

Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson

Business Communications, Presentations and Public Speaking Coach

Workshop: The Power of Presenting in Social Selling

Andrea Edwards

Andrea Edwards

Founder & CEO, The Digital Conversationalist

Keynote: How to be A World Class Social Leader

Jay Soo

Jay Soo

CEO, Moving bits

Keynote: Moving up the Social (media) Ladder with Video

Lynette Seah

Lynette Seah

Founder & CEO, Alpha7

Workshop: The Entrepreneur’s Road to Social Selling – How B2B and B2C companies can benefit from Social Selling

Chloe Hacquard

Chloe Hacquard

Founder & CEO, HighChloeCloud

Workshop: My Story is my Strategy

Roger Graham

Roger Graham

Senior Director, Growth & Marketing, Hootsuite

Keynote: Seamless Selling with Social Media

Mike Parsons

Mike Parsons

Head of Brand Activation, APAC. Universum

Workshop: Why Social Media no Longer Optional for Employer Branding

Chris J Reed

Chris J Reed

CEO, Black Marketing

Keynote: What is Social Selling and How You Can Do It

View our speakers full bio-data and their backgrounds

Social Selling 2018 Main Agenda 

Social Selling 2018 conference was packed with inspiring keynotes from acclaimed speakers and practical and unique workshop suited for B2B and B2C, whether you are start-up, SME, MNC or are a sole trader. Review the packed list of keynotes and workshops below to discover how Social Selling 2018 helped you win business.

What is Social Selling and How You Can Do It

Keynote by Chris J Reed, Black Marketing
LinkedIn Talk: 10 Top Tips for How to Use LinkedIn (and some of what not to do). Learn from an Official LinkedIn Power Profile on how to use LinkedIn for any business purpose. This talk covers:

  • How to enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn
  • How to get headhunted
  • How to blog and become a thought leader on LinkedIn
  • How to enhance your employer branding and employee engagement on LinkedIn
    How to create a content marketing plan on LinkedIn
  • How to message to find investors/clients/partners/employees on LinkedIn
  • How to achieve anything you wish on LinkedIn in a business context
The Evolution of Sales Navigator

Keynote by Stewart Lee, LinkedIn
A walk through how Sales Navigator has evolved and adapted over the past few years as well as insight into the future roadmap.

Growing a Community Around Your Brand Through Social Selling

Keynote by Vivek Kumar, NTUC

  • Latest trends and insights in the digital world.
  • Getting noticed in the digital revolution
  • How brands can lead amidst the digital transformation
Social Selling – A Goldmine for Startups

Keynote by SzeKi Sim, SGInnovate

Founders are fraught with challenges and headwinds as they set up to build their companies. How do they navigate through the noise in the market, with a shortage of funds, to be able to build their brand and get themselves noticed? Is social selling the goldmine for startups – are there limitless opportunities for them to get noticed?

Moving up the Social (media) Ladder with Video

Keynote by Jay Soo, Moving bits

  • Make moving images: why shoot a video? Do you really need one? How long should the video be?
  • Help is on the way: should you hire someone or can you do it yourself?
  • What kind of hardware do you need?
  • Up in the cloud: formats, compression, and some technical considerations.
  • To edit or not to edit: that is the question?
  • The hook (or the thumbnail): as the case may be…the path to viral superstardom.
The Power of Presenting in Social Selling

Workshop by Steve Dawson, Coach
Steve Dawson will share the single biggest and most common problem he’s encountered as an executive coach in a business presentation. PowerPoint is a fine piece of technology, with infinite possibilities, but it’s being misused. The result is audiences who fail to absorb the key takeaways in what otherwise might be fascinating presentations.  Steve will explain why PowerPoint is being abused to the point of detraction and distraction. He’ll then show you how to get the most out of this wonderful software.

How Brands can use Storytelling to Build a Loyal Audience

Workshop by Miguel Bernas, Timber Wolf Media

We live in an age of unprecedented consumer choice when it comes to content consumption. As a result, the interruption-based model of reaching customers is no longer sufficient as digital-savvy consumers adopt subscription-based, ad-free content platforms and install ad-blockers on their devices. Brands must instead learn how to build and nurture loyal audiences of their own and create content of genuine value.

The Entrepreneur’s Road to Social Selling – How B2B companies can benefit from Social Selling

Workshop by Lynette Seah, Alpha7

  • Social Selling as an entrepreneur from a professional to a personal perspective. 
  • Strategic considerations for Social Selling.
  • Growth Hacking / Design Thinking.
  • The Business Problem Today.
  • What the future holds for businesses.
My Story is my Strategy

Workshop by Chloe Hacquard, HighChloeCloud

Why my Story is my strategy: Come listen to my storytelling • I got a Story with LinkedIn – first Steps on Social Media, GLASS, Samsung digital evangelist • Inspiring others is my mission – employment, business, humanitarian volunteer GGA • Few keys to inspire – branding, networking, tips and tricks • Stop selling, start inspiring – leader, influencer, evangelist Start inspiring and obviously you will sell!

Social Selling Success Singapore Style – a B2B formula

Keynote by David Tang, Microsoft

  • Social Selling Success Singapore Style – a B2B formula.
  • Essential ingredients to prepare.
  • How to convince, compel & convict your audience.
  • Why it matters & what you do about it.
Seamless Selling with Social Media

Keynote by Roger Graham, Hootsuite

75% of B2B buyers use social media to make purchase decisions. This means your customers and prospects are on social media. Is your business there to meet them along their buying journey? Learn how to boost sales and revenue on social media with Roger Graham, Sr. Director of Growth & Marketing at Hootsuite APAC, who will share regional research and insights driven by Forrester, highlighting:

  • The value of social selling for your organisation—backed by statistics
  • How to align your sales and marketing teams for success
  • Creating and tracking metrics that matter to the bottom line
Social Selling in Financial Services

Keynote by Walter de Oude, Singapore Life

  • How Data and Content works hand-in-hand to refine marketing goals
  • The importance of a macro and micro perspective on your business strategy
  • Why content marketing is a necessary fit in your marketing mix
  • When to take control and let go of your plans
  • Using data to drive real performance and conversions
How to be A World Class Social Leader

Keynote by Andrea Edwards, The Digital Conversationalist

I’ll take you through why it’s so important for professionals today to have a strong, online presence, and then we’ll delve into how to get started.

  • Whether you want to build on the career you have.
  • Gain more internal awareness of your skills and abilities.
  • Be taken seriously for that dream job.
  • Take control of your future during this era of disruption.
  • Or perhaps now’s the time to embrace your entrepreneurial ambitions.
How to produce native videos for your LinkedIn Company Page

Workshop by Mark Laudi, Hong Bao Media

  • How to produce video interviews viewers will share.
  • Five video formats that work. Finding the right location.
  • Must-know basics for operating cameras and equipment.
  • Structuring your message.
  • Overcoming stage fright.
  • How to appear comfortable on camera.
Social Selling in Hospitality

Workshop by Sulbi Lee, MSocial Singapore

  • How digital media is transforming the hospitality space.
  • Using social media to create brand awareness.
  • Building a successful hospitality brand through partnerships.
Driving Loyalty through Social Selling

Workshop by Matthieu Vermeulen, Hilton

In this session, I will focus on how Social Selling can drive loyalty, specifically for CRM and membership programs. From both a B2B and a B2C angle I will present cases that clarify successful engagement and loyalty building strategies. This will include examples from Hilton, DHL, and Volkswagen. The cases will be used to explain how one can leverage internal resources and create crowdsourced loyalty. I will then zoom in on how a well defined LinkedIn Social Selling strategy provides very compelling options to build loyalty in often unexpected ways, even for companies that have primarily a B2C focus. The session will be interactive through the use of online tools.

Why Social Media is no Longer Optional for Employer Branding

Keynote by Michael Parsons, Universum

  • Why social media is now the #1 channel for employer branding and talent attraction.
  • How employers should (and shouldn’t) leverage social media to build their employer brand.
  • The importance of data and insights into building sustainable brand equity.

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Black Marketing is the world’s most recommended LinkedIn marketing agency, created and led by the world’s most recommended LinkedIn marketing masterclass instructor, entrepreneur, founder with 1000 LinkedIn recommendations, double LinkedIn marketing bestselling author and the only one who is an official LinkedIn Power Profile 7 years running, Chris J Reed.

Social Selling 2018 Supporting Partners

Social Selling 2018 Media

Black Marketing, Enabling LinkedIn For You

Want to experience Social Selling 2018 conference all over again? View selected keynotes here! The playlist contains the following keynotes:

  1. Roger Graham – Seamless Selling with Social Media
  2. David Tang – Social Selling Success Singapore Style – a B2B formula
  3. Stewart Lee – The Evolution of Sales Navigator
  4. Vivek Kumar – Growing a Community Around Your Brand Through Social Selling
  5. SzeKi Sim – Social Selling – a goldmine for startups
  6. Walter De Oude – Social Selling in Financial Services
  7. Andrea Edwards – How to be A World Class Social Leader
  8. Miguel Bernas – How Brands can use Storytelling to Build a Loyal Audience
  9. Jay Soo – Moving up the Social (media) Ladder with Video
  10. Mark Laudi – How to produce native videos for your LinkedIn Company Page

Social Selling 2018 – Highly Recommended Event!

Read what attendees say about Social Selling 2018, THE marketing event of the year!

Miguel Bernas - Digital Media & Marketing Consultant

Social Selling 2018 was a terrific event. I have spoken at a number of conferences this year and Social Selling easily had the highest level of audience engagement and also resulted in a large number of LinkedIn contact requests, a reflection of the high quality and relevant audience. I hope there will be another one next year!

Andrea Edwards - The Digital Conversationalist

Excellent effort pulling together the first ever Social Selling 2018 event in Singapore. The feedback was phenomenal, the quality of speakers superb and the team did an excellent job bringing the event together. I think this will become a regular in the Singapore event calendar and appreciate being invited to speak. Thank you for supporting me Chris and overall, nice work.

Tim Errington - Doctor of Chiropractic

“Anyone building a brand or basically trying to ‘get on’ in this world should make sure they attend this Social Selling conference. It was well planned, fast moving and delivered first-class content. I personally made invaluable contacts and have so many great strategies to implement. Well done Chris”

Nick Jonsson - MD of EGN Singapore

Thank you, Chris, for the insightful and stimulating sharing during our EGN x Black Marketing event earlier this week! It was indeed a Masterclass.

Giuseppe Di Lieto - General Manager

Instructive and inspiring, Social Selling 2018 was the place to befor non-digital marketing professionals. Thumbs up to Chris andthe Black Marketing team!

Graham Hawkins - LinkedIn Top Voice 2018

I worked closely with Chris Reed in bringing the Social Selling Forum to Australia, and not only was Chris an amazing contributor on the day with his sensational key-note, but Chris also taught me a lot about how to optimize the marketing around this type of event – utilizing latest best practices on digital and social.

Chris provided the audience with a social media masterclass along with intimate personal branding sessions for individuals….the feedback from the participants was that Chris was the shining light of the event. I would have no hesitation in working with Chris again, and if you ever get the chance you should read both of his books – this guy is in a league of his own!

David Tang - "Microsoft Channel Whisperer" & Partner Co-Sell Enterprise Lead

Social Selling 2018 was a prep nightmare for me & the Black Marketing folks who worked thru the hurdles months ahead of landing it!

The many hiccups and organizational challenges were taken one at a time, resolved & overcame with both sides making many changes to adapt to different working styles and even between Microsoft & LinkedIn getting to mutually deliver this impactful event it was quite a trying task 🙂

Chris took time to understand the motivations, needs & outcomes needed and put some of his best people to work with me on executing a day of learning with an attentive audience of social selling practitioners, that’s quite a phenomenal feat in today’s world of distracting mobile apps, KUDOs to Irene, Natx & Angela at Black Marketing… I’m especially impressed with the professionalism & timely actions taken by Irene to identify & discuss early preventive solutions openly, then go do all on her own.. Great Teaming!

Jerrome Tan - Professional Marketer in Digital Marketing

A must go for all Digital Marketers who wanna learn more aboutsocial selling. Awesome speakers who taught all they know aboutsocial selling!

Dahlia Sutrisno - Executive Performance Coach of Euphoric Coaching

Flew in with my team from Jakarta to close my eventful week with Chris’ Social Selling event at Microsoft Singapore. Can’t miss it!

As usual, Chris never disappoints! What a great line up of thought leaders you’ve brought together to share their social selling strategies. You truly amplify the power of networking with LinkedIn by gathering everyone at your event. My team and I are already discussing the next action steps from our key takeaways and the tips in your book. Thank you for the Book!

Shout out to your entire team for making this event a great experience for us. Looking forward to the next one. 😉

Venessa Errington - Co-Founder & Co-Owner at Total Health Chiropractic

Huge thanks to Chris and his team for making the Social Selling event so informative and enjoyable. A great choice of speakers who were all experts in their field and who all brought something different to their talks. Chris kept the whole day running smoothly which is always appreciated. Nothing worse than wasting time and Chris ensured that this definitely didn’t happen! The social selling topic is huge so the break-out groups were an excellent idea. I found that the event was well worth my time and I am ready to implement some great new ideas. Thank you to Chris and his team for such a well run event!

Neville J. McKenzie - Podcast Producer

Social Selling 2018, organised by Chris J “Mohawk” Reed, was one of the best events I attended this year. It gave the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and opinions with a diverse range of enthusiastic people working in the Social Selling space. I also gained valuable insights, techniques and learned from all the presenters and workshops with all living up to their billing of being unique and practical.

Marylen Velasco - Founder and CEO

Chris & his team is really amazing. Social Selling 2018 was a huge success with very good speakers lined up throughout the day. The event is so organized and the whole team is helpful. The program is relevant and we are so happy to learn techniques and information that are new to us and will definitely be useful in building our brand and social selling journey. Thank you & congratulations! Looking forward to the next event 

Edith Tay - Executive Director of PropertyBank

Social selling in my language is making friends be heard & provide goods/service that make your friends happy! We do good work & friends know! We have to be heard!!! Great event! Chris!

Liping Mian - Communication Manager

I met Chris at the Social Selling 2018 event in Singapore, which was organised by him and his staff at Black Marketing. I found him very energetic, always happy to help and give advice. I benefited from that event as well by connecting more people who are good at social selling, and by exploring topics that I do not know well yet. After this event, I read through Chris’s book, Social Selling Mastery for Entrepreneurs, and found it useful. So I wrote a summary of it, which I published on LinkedIn as he recommended and advised in his book.

Jonathan Rathbone - Consultant business development

Chris’s Social Selling 2018 event at Microsoft was fascinating learning. I especially liked the focus on how social selling could be used for FMCG brands from a B2B perspective if targeting high net worth individuals a B2C basis.

I highly recommend attending Chris’s Social Selling 2018 events, creat case studies and workshops from professional. The new books full of pointers for personal and business branding on LinkedIn, and networking was great too.

Manisha Upadhyay - Sales Professional

Social Selling 2018 was a great event! An amazing lineup of speakers,  insightful presentations and lots of learning on the effective use of social selling skills for personal and/or corporate branding! Thoroughly enjoyed my time! Chris was full of energy, motivating and great marketing professional! So much to learn from and I wish him great success!

Neetha Sanjay - Healthcare, Leadership

I had this amazing opportunity to attend Social Selling 2018 organized by Chris Reed and his Black Marketing team. It was a whole day event packed with several keynotes and workshops conducted by all these great influencers!

It was a very well organized event, exceeded my expectations, Chris was so full of energy and enthusiasm as usual and learned a lot of fantastic tips and strategies from him and all the speakers! And met a lot of fabulous thought leaders too who I’m continuing to keep in touch!

What amazed me was the variety of speakers and their signature talks which covered a broad variety of topics. Thank you, Chris and Team, for a Spectacular event. Will definitely attend the next one!

Darshani Terumalai- Membership Sales Executive

Chris was very engaging in his talk on using LinkedIn and personal branding to achieve my professional goals. The examples shown about how to build up our LinkedIn were very understandable. I would definitely recommend attending his talks if you want to find out how to use LinkedIn for personal brand building and social selling.

Sheau Jiun Lin - Marketing Manager

It was a great and fun session at Social Selling 2018! Highrecommend to anyone to attend his session.

Sulbi Lee - Hospitality, Innovation & Change Management , Business Intelligence

Social Selling 2018 was an inspiring gathering of influential speakers and enthusiastic attendees that displayed the power of social selling in todays digital world.

Having connected with Chris in my digital recruiting days, he has shown me the power of social media connections and opened my eyes to the abundance of opportunities to be had through social selling. Kudos to you and the Black Marketing team on the flawless execution! Social Selling 2019?

Sandy Yap - Director of Sales

HI Chris, it has been an enjoyable session attending Social Selling2018. I have gained some takeaways from the speakers. Thankyou for putting this together!

Michael Parsons - Marketing Director

Smashed it!!! Is how Chris and his team did when they ran the first Social Selling conference in Singapore. Chris leveraged on the power of his social network to create and sell out a top quality event (no database required), and on his larger than life persona to deliver an enjoyable and valuable experience for those that joined. Chris’s team also deserves a big shout, too, as they were equally fantastic. I’m already looking forward to that tricky second album! Rock on!

Wil Sia - Barista

Good take away from social selling event 2018 !!! All the speaker are perfect! Thank you! cheers!

Steve Dawson - Business Communication, Presentation & Public Speaking Coach

Chris and his very welcoming team ran a superb event that moved along like clockwork. The tech was smooth, the timings as scheduled and the delegates first class. Let’s go again!

Nigel Ong - Digital Marketing & Analytics

Social selling 2018 was informative and engaging! Great contentand speakers.

Bagus Mahadityo - Technology account manager

Ok, after attended Social Selling 2018 in Singapore, I got to admit that he is the master of social selling, personal branding and, digital marketing. Definitely would love to have a one-on-one session with him on how to improve myself in terms of personal branding and public speaking.

Deepak Sanadhya - Asia sales

I really enjoyed the talks at Social Selling 2018. Chris was very inspiring in his talk on using LinkedIn and personal branding and there were lots to learn. He provided many relevant examples to showcase his points about how to use LinkedIn. There were also so many speakers sincerely sharing their stories and journeys. Very insightful!

Joe Augustin - Speaker

There’s no one I can think of who lives and breathes LinkedIn marketing more than Chris. Not just a man who stands out.. he helps others stand out.

Jay Soo - CEO at Moving Bits

I was a keynote speaker at the Social Selling 2018 event that Chris successfully organised. And I had the best time ever. I’ve spoken at other events before but this one impressed me with the fact that Chris sold out the day, the quality of my fellow speakers, the networking opportunities, the engagement levels of the audience and that everything ran smoothly. A great experience from both a keynote speaker and attendee point of view. Highly recommended!

Alexandra Shilling Packman - Head of Engagement at Select Investors

Social Selling 2018 was a fantastic conference organised fully by Chris, the presenters were wonderful spokespeople for anyone in the marketing/sales arena and the networking opportunities with the 300+ attendees were top notch, such a variety of professionals and experts from across the SG business community. I would recommend anyone with an interest in sales or marketing to attend next year and I will certainly be there!

Christine Chao - That Marketing Person

I connected with Chris a while back ago and have always admired his daring, different and outgoing personality; defying all odds and against social norms to make things happen! I attended the Social Selling event organized by him and his team and loved every single minute of it! It was such a refreshing and outstanding time spent listening in and connecting with various experts, who shared their knowledge and experiences openly with all of the attendees! Chris and his team have been and are doing an outstanding job and I highly recommend anyone and everyone to seek him out for advice or consultation!

Alice Giam - Personal Assistant to Director

Great line up of speakers!

Charlene She - Manager, Branding and Talent Sourcing

Social Selling 2018 was well organised. I enjoyed the sharingdone by the various speakers and learnt interesting insightsabout social selling.

Adelyn Putri - Fashion Designer and Creative catalyst

I attended the sold out Social Selling 2018 seminar and I highly recommend for any individuals or company that would like to master and learn more on social selling mastery to attend. Very insightful and many key take aways and overall a great day with Chris’ energy, great key speakers and productive flow of workshops. Don’t miss out on Social Selling 2019!

Melvin Goh - Senior Lecturer

I am amazed by the Social Selling seminar and workshops. So many entrepreneurs with their own innovation and creation. They are so willing to share their life’s journey. A living example is Chris J “Mohawk” Reed, who is really awesome!. Thank you, Chris Reed, for a window of opportunity to be able to network with so many talented people. I truly enjoy sharing and have learned so much within a day. I will always remember on 14 September 2018.

Arun Khanna - Managing Director

Chris, I found the event (Social Selling 2018) well organised, and in general, the Presenters energized and engaging. You stand out of course. Look forward to another connect sometime soon.

Matthieu Vermeulen - Dinning program director

Chris J Reed is a phenomenal person with a long track record in the social selling area. He went above and beyond by organising Social Selling 2018. He has now shown to be able to build online communities online through a fantastic, completely sold-out event. If you need assistance with your online personal branding and want to be a rock star in social selling, Chris is the person to go to.

Glenn van Zutphen - Founder

Had a great experience at Social Selling 2018. Thanks to ChrisReed and the Black Marketing team for putting together an engaging day with quality speakers who gave the audience great information about social selling. Congratulations!

Social Selling 2019 Now on Sale!

Now that we read all the recommendations of Social Selling 2018, get ready for Social Selling 2019, 9th July at our epic venue – Marina Bay Sands, Singapore! Check out our event details, speakers and agenda on our Social Selling page.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about our services and solutions, our experience or pricing packages, please do not hesitate to contact us directly through our LinkedIn page, by phone, or email. Feel free to drop by our office for a cup of hot drink and a chat!

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